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5 Myths About Australia: What Not To Believe In When You’re Planning Your Trip

Australia is a country of contrasts. Oh, wait, it’s a mainland of contrasts. No matter what you call it, its diversity will still impress you. If you plan to visit Australia, you will definitely read as much information in the Internet as possible and it will be a right decision to make. However, make sure you check the information you come across: there are a lot of myths about Australia in the Internet that distract you from enjoying this country as much as possible. That’s why we came up with 5 major myths about Australia you shouldn’t believe in anymore.

Myth 1. Australia is overpopulated by koalas and kangaroos
They say that everything in Australia is connected with these exotic animals. Every creative logo, restaurant’s name and and street in Australia contain a koala and a kangaroo in it.
However, that’s not true: they also like penguins there.

Frankly speaking, these animals are widely advertised. Australia is one of those rare places where you can see these exotic animals in their natural habitat, so why not to take advantage of it? Your friends and relatives expect that at least one souvenir you bring from Australia must be in a shape of a koala or a kangaroo. That’s why the popularity of these animals is growing with every new tourist. Though, Australia is not only about koalas and kangaroos (and penguins, if it matters). A lot of different species live here that strike your imagination but aren’t so popular. A mental note: there are other animals in Australia, some of them even more fascinating than kangaroos.

Myth 2. Don’t swim in the ocean – it’s filled with fish that want you dead
The Pacific ocean near Australian shores is not much more dangerous than the Pacific ocean of US’ coastline. It’s not quite friendly but still it doesn’t want you dead all the time. If you take a voyage there, you may well see some ocean creatures that will capture your breath. Not because of being terrifying but because being too cute. For example, when we were sailing in the ocean near Australian shore, we noticed a family of dolphins that decided to see us off. That was really a wonderful and unforgettable, one-life time experience.

Pacific ocean of US

Myth 3. Without being able to surf you won’t get a visa
Not everybody in Australia can surf. What’s more, if you come to Australia for the first time, don’t rush to the beach with a surfing board, especially if you saw how to surf only in films. Australia is a country with marvellous beaches, pleasant climate and friendly atmosphere but these three things gathered together don’t require from you to go surfing. It’s a rather dangerous activity, that’s why you have to be completely sure you are ready for it. If you have some doubts, better postpone surfing for some better times.

Australia can surf

Myth 4. The country of the endless summer
I was surprised to find out for the first time that there can be winter in Australia and, what’s more, it can be even snowy there. It can be even cold in there. Sure, it doesn’t snow all the time all over Australia but snow blizzards do happen occasionally. That’s why, going to Australia, make sure it’s summer there as well.

endless summer

Myth 5. The capital of Australia is either Sydney or Melbourne
The capital of Australia is Canberra, the city that isn’t so popular and famous among tourists but still is worth visiting. The reason for this visit is the city’s breathtaking views and landmarks that won’t leave you indifferent. These three cities, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, should be on your bucket list while visiting this remote mainland.

remote mainland

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Amazing Places of Australia Explored By Instagrammers

If you are traveling to Australia for the first time with only a few weeks to spend in this magnificent country, you will have to pick the most traveled spots, like Sydney, Whitsundays, Brisbane, etc. Even though constantly visited they are absolutely fantastic.

1. Noosa Main Beach


2. Bondi


3. Lake Ballard


4. Loch Ard Gorge in Port Campbell National Park


5. Seymour at Bicheno


6. Anbangbang, Burrunggui, Northern Territory


7. Eyre Peninsula in South Australia


8. Selfie with Jean-Jacques


9. Stanley


10. Mt. Wellington / Kunanyi near Hobart

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