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Scratch-off Map Deluxe Edition

A scratch map is a framed map which has a covering that can be scratched-off to reveal specific details concerning a particular region on the map. At Luckies, we pride ourselves as being the leading makers of Scratch Maps by offering a wide range of maps of all designs. There are the Scratch Map Original and its counterpart the Scratch Map Deluxe, which we will be discussing today. This map comes with a copper foil coating on a beautifully finished matte black paper. This map contains the largest detail of the regions on the map and it also features info-graphics containing specific information about a region such as the weather patterns, population and so much more.

Designed by our in-house team in London, it does provide an opportunity to document those holidays which you will cherish for a lifetime. A detailed map of countries, states along with continents with a host of landmarks is a valuable addition for any traveler.

Not only does it give information about the different countries or regions on the maps, it also provides a huge wealth of facts about the oceans, the land, the animal and plant life located there. As with all our other maps, this Deluxe Map is packed within an elegant presentation tube making it ideal for traveling with all over the world. This would be a very great gift for someone who considers themselves an adventure enthusiast or an exotic traveler.

Scratch-off Map Deluxe Edition 2

How to use the map.

Like I stated above, this is a scratch-off map which means you will have to scratch the coating off the map to reveal the information inside. You should never use metallic objects to scratch the foil off as this may damage the matte finish. You should only use an eraser or your fingernail. Do this slowly and precisely to only reveal the region you wish to see.

The Luckies Scratch-Off map has increasingly become a popular gift all around the world. This has made it vulnerable to a whole load of imitations which have ruined the true experience. The real scratch-off map was invented in 2009 by Luckies based in London. It is packaged in a high-quality tube. To avoid imitations and disappointments, you should only purchase our products through our website.

Reasons why you should buy our Luckies Maps

This is a concept we invented which means it is original and the best type of maps you will ever buy. The design is exquisite and meant to excite anyone who uses it which means you can show it off to your guests.

We hire the best producers and designers and use the best processes to make our Scratch-off maps so you can rest assured that you are buying the highest quality products.

We have poured all our creativity and love into each and every one of our Scratch-off maps. Therefore, support creativity by buying our Scratch-Off Map Deluxe.
We also provide custom services whereby your Scratch-off map Deluxe can contain specific regions such as the states of the United States of America or even the Canary Islands or any place you would like to visit. Our Scratch-Off Map Deluxe is very affordable and worth every penny. Buy it today to enjoy your travel experience.

Why you will enjoy using Luckies maps

If you are a traveling freak then Scratch marks are tailor-made for you. It could be possible that you might have a family member who is a travel buff as well. For a frequent flyer, it would a nice collection of what they have seen across the globe.

Reviews of customers

For sure it works out to be a great product and the best way you can use it would be to frame it. For a conversion price, it might look great and you can document your travels. Contrary to a lot of claims the map does appear to be original. If you are planning to present someone it would work out to be the greatest gift.

In terms of pitfalls, it would have been a lot better if it was easy to scratch and all the countries should have been given different colors. But still, in terms of quality, it is right up there.