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Abu Dhabi’s Top 5 Adventures That You Should Not Miss

Abu Dhabi is one of the largest Emirate of the seven Emirates of the UAE. Although it is not as popular as its neighbour Dubai, Abu Dhabi has made its name as the capital of United Arab Emirates and one of the leading cities for oil exports. Also, Abu Dhabi is richer than Dubai both culturally and economically. There are a lot of adventurous activities that one can see and do while in the golden city of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is full of places, attractions and activities, which people with different interests and tastes. You can experience rich Arabian culture as well as luxury and adventure in Abu Dhabi that will leave you stunned and asking for more.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari Abu Dhbai

If you want to experience an adrenaline pumping activity, amidst vast stretch of golden sand dunes such as desert safari Abu Dhabi is the place for you. To provide a once in a lifetime experience and the best of desert safari Abu Dhabi organizes different services and facilities for tourists and locals alike. The desert safari will expose you to the extreme side of the otherwise contrastingly rich and unique culture of the capital city. There are different schedules of going on a desert safari, in morning and in evening with different stops and activities to do along the way. You can take an evening excursion to the desert of the city, take beautiful pictures, explore the flora and fauna in the desert and then enjoy traditional Arabian delicacy in the desert camps, while sitting around a bonfire and enjoying belly dance.

Camel Riding Abu Dhabi

Camel Riding Abu Dhabi

Discover the never-ending expanse of Abu Dhabi desert from the back of a camel. Rightly known as the ship of the desert, you can find herds of camels, that are still used in the capital city on a daily basis. Enjoy the changing perspective and let these friendly animals carry you effortlessly on the sand dunes. Leave the noise of the big city behind and enjoy the vast Arabian desert. Enjoy the amazing view from the tallest sand dunes and take a picture or two with your ride for the day. It’s easy to sit atop the camel as they are very gentle and all you have to do is to hold on tight, especially when the camel is standing up or sitting down. End your camel riding Abu Dhabi with a break of Arabian coffee and return to your hotel while enjoying the incredible views.

Al Lulu Island

It is another, less popular man-made island, as compared to the Yas island, which makes a great option to spend some enjoyable time. Though there is nothing beautiful and romantic about the island’s barren land, it has not stopped Lulu from developing and unusual and breath-taking atmosphere. The island has a lack of progress and so the island remains empty, dotted by abandoned cafes, cabanas and jetties, giving visitors the chance to occupy the island as they want.

Yas Marina Circuit driving experience

Get a chance to unravel the adrenaline and take in charge of the wheels at the driving experience days at the Yas Marina Circuit. You can drive in the same tracks as some of the world’s best drivers and feel like a Formula 1 driver while sitting in the high-speed racing cars. Yas Marina Circuit offers different driving experience all around the year where visitors can put themselves in the shoes of professional racing driver on the iconic driving circuit in Abu Dhabi. You can choose from different racing cars to drive and make your own phenomenal memories and the bragging rights in front of your family and friends.

Yas Waterworld


In a city that is famous for deserts and hot climate, you can cool your nerves down with a visit to the Yas Waterworld water park in Abu Dhabi. There is always something going on in the Yas Waterworld, filled with varied destinations and different adrenaline fuelled waterslides, static surfing waves and shopping experience. This water park provides legendary water park that is suitable for all ages. There are at least 45 rides, attractions and slides that you can choose to explore. You can later sample in any one of the amazing restaurants operating in the park’s premises dishing out delicious food.


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